NSight Mentorship Events

Are you a first year interested in getting a summer position? Do you find yourself thinking that as a first year your chances of finding something worthwhile are close to none? Or have you already jumped that hurdle and looking to learn about what possible positions you could pursue?

Come to our event to hear what our panel of upper year EngScis who have done cool stuff during their summers have to say about their experience! We will have people from a variety of options who have done research, international experience,and internships!

Date:Thursday, November 5th, 2015 6-8pm  Location:MC 254Link to the event

Our most popular offering, NSight's option talk series are a must attend for anyone unsure about the option they want to choose. Two options are covered at each talk, making four total in the series.

Come out to the talks for access to a panel of knowledgable upper years enrolled in the option that interests you. These upper years will present their own impressions of their chosen option, and will then open the floor to answer any specific questions you may have. This event is open to first- and second-years.

Date:Monday, November 12th, 19th & 26th, 2015 6-8pm  Location:MC 254Link to the event

Second years, do you want some advice on how to balance AER201 and your other courses?

Third years, do you want to promote your option and reminiscence the "good old days"?

Well come out to the 2nd and 3rd year mixer! One of our offerings specially geared towards second-year Engineering Science students.

Date:TBA  Location:TBALink to the event

Want to network with EngSci alumni?

Want to see what life after EngSci is like? (We have proof it exists!)

At NSight's Alumni mixer, you will have the chance to mingle with alumni. Ask them about EngSci, graduation, the work force, free time hobbies... you name it! We invite a diverse group of alumni who are excited to talk with you!

Date:TBA  Location:TBALink to the event

Mentor-Mentee Mixer

Meet your mentor for the first time, and kick-off the new school year with NSight.

Professor-Student Mixer

Get to know some of your current and future professors in an informal setting.

Summer Job Panel

A panel of assembled upper-years provide advice on how to get summer opportunities during your first year.

NSight Option Talks

A four-part series of talks where upper-years present their opinions on their respective options.

Second-Year/Third-Year Mixer

Third-year students give tips and tricks to second-years for their upcoming semester and the AER201 project.

Alumni Mixer

EngSci alumni who have tread on a wide variety paths since graduating return to share their insights on life after EngSci.

First-Year Transition Panel

A panel of ex- and current EngSci upper years share their reasons for choosing their constantly developing academic paths.

End of Year Celebration

Celebrate the end of a successful semester and year, and say farewell to the NSight family for the summer.